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Section II : Duties and rights of belligerents - Art. 12.
Art. 12. Where the sojourn, supplying, and provisioning of belligerent ships in the ports and jurisdictional waters of neutrals are concerned, the provisions relative to ships of war shall apply equally:
(1) To ordinary auxiliary ships;
(2) To merchant ships transformed into warships, in accordance with Convention VII of The Hague of 1907.
The neutral vessel shall be seized and in general subjected to the same treatment as enemy merchantmen:
(a) When taking a direct part in the hostilities.
(b) When at the orders or under direction of an agent placed on board by an enemy government;
(c) When entirely freight-loaded by an enemy government;
(d) When actually and exclusively destined for transporting enemy troops or for the transmission of information on behalf of the enemy.
In the cases dealt with in this article, merchandise belonging to the owner of the vessel ship shall also be liable to seizure.
(3) To armed merchantmen.

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