Treaties, States Parties and Commentaries
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Section II : Duties and rights of belligerents - Art. 5.
Art. 5. Belligerent warships are forbidden to remain in the ports or waters of a neutral state more than twenty-four hours. This provision will be communicated to the ship as soon as it arrives in port or in the territorial waters, and if already there at the time of the declaration of war, as soon as the neutral state becomes aware of this declaration.
Vessels used exclusively for scientific, religious, or philanthropic purposes are exempted from the foregoing provisions.
A ship may extend its stay in port more than twenty-four hours in case of damage or bad conditions at sea, but must depart as soon as the cause of the delay has ceased.
When, according to the domestic law of the neutral state, the ship may not receive fuel until twenty-four hours after its arrival in port the Period of its stay may be extended an equal length of time.

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