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Part II: Rules of Air Warfare#Chapter VII: Search, capture and confiscation. - Art. 60.
Art. 60. If a neutral private aircraft has been captured for having carried contraband, the captor is at liberty to demand the handing over of the absolute contraband found on board or to proceed to the destruction of such absolute contraband, when the circumstances are such as to make it impossible to send the aircraft for judgment or if this would endanger the safety of the belligerent aircraft or the success of the operations in which it is engaged. The captor must enter the goods surrendered or destroyed in the logbook of the aircraft and, after having obtained the originals or the duplicates of the papers of the aircraft referring thereto, must allow the neutral aircraft to continue its flight.

The provisions of the second paragraph of Article 59 are applicable in the event of the absolute contraband on board of a neutral private aircraft having been surrendered or destroyed.

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