Treaties, States Parties and Commentaries
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First part: Rules for the Control of Wireless Telegraphy in Time of War. - Art. 7.
Art.7. If a belligerent commander is of the opinion that the presence of vessels or aircraft provided with wireless apparatus in the immediate vicinity of his armed force or the use of such installations will endanger the success of the operations in which he is engaged, he may order the neutral vessels or aircraft on the high seas or above the high seas:

1. To alter their course so far as necessary in order to prevent them from approaching the armed force operating
under his command;

2. To abstain from making use of their wireless apparatus when they are in the immediate vicinity of that force.

A neutral ship or a neutral aircraft which does not comply with the directions that it has received, exposes itself to be fired at. It shall also liable to capture and can be confiscated if the prize court deems the confiscation justified by circumstances.

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