Treaties, States Parties and Commentaries
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Chapter II : Contraband of war - Art. 24.
Art. 24. The following articles, susceptible of use in war as well as for purposes of peace, may, without notice (1), be treated as contraband of war, under the name of conditional contraband:
(1) Foodstuffs.
(2) Forage and grain, suitable for feeding animals.
(3) Clothing, fabrics for clothing, and boots and shoes, suitable for use in war.
(4) Gold and silver in coin or bullion; paper money.
(5) Vehicles of all kinds available for use in war, and their component parts.
(6) Vessels, craft, and boats of all kinds; floating docks, parts of docks and their component parts.
(7) Railway material, both fixed and rolling-stock, and material for telegraphs, wireless telegraphs, and telephones.
(8) Balloons and flying machines and their distinctive component parts, together with accessories and articles recognizable as intended for use in connection with balloons and flying machines.
(9) Fuel; lubricants.
(10)Powder and explosives not specially prepared for use in war.
(11)Barbed wire and implements for fixing and cutting the same.
(12)Horseshoes and shoeing materials.
(13)Harness and saddlery.
(14)Field glasses, telescopes, chronometers, and all kinds of nautical instruments.

(1) See note relative to Article 22.

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