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Chapter V : Convoys of evacuation - Art. 17.
Art. 17. Convoys of evacuation shall be treated as mobile sanitary formations subject to the following special provisions:
1. A belligerent intercepting a convoy may, if required by military necessity, break up such convoy, charging himself with the care of the sick and wounded whom it contains.
2. In this case the obligation to return the sanitary personnel, as provided for in Article 12, shall be extended to include the entire military personnel employed, under competent orders, in the transportation and protection of the convoy.
The obligation to return the sanitary ' matériel, ' as provided for in Article 14, shall apply to railway trains and vessels intended for interior navigation which have been especially equipped for evacuation purposes, as well as to the ordinary vehicles, trains, and vessels which belong to the sanitary service.
Military vehicles, with their teams, other than those belonging to the sanitary service, may be captured.
The civil personnel and the various means of transportation obtained by requisition, including railway ' matériel ' and vessels utilized for convoys, are subject to the general rules of international law.

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