Treaties, States Parties and Commentaries
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Part III : Captivity #Section V : Relations between prisoners of war and the authorities #Chapter 3 : Penal sanctions with regard to prisoners of war #III. Judicial proceedings - Art. 62.
Art. 62. The prisoner of war shall have the right to be assisted by a qualified. advocate of his own choice and, if necessary, to have recourse to the offices of a competent interpreter. He shall be informed of his right by the detaining Power in good time before the hearing.
Failing a choice on the part of the prisoner, the protecting Power may procure an advocate for him. The detaining Power shall, on the request of the protecting Power, furnish to the latter a list of persons qualified to conduct the defence.
The representatives of the protecting Power shall have the right to attend the hearing of the case.
The only exception to this rule is where the hearing has to be kept secret in the interests of the safety of the State. The detaining Power would then notify the protecting Power accordingly.

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