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Respect for Human Rights in Armed Conflicts. Resolution 2444 (XXIII) of the United Nations General Assembly, 19 December 1968.

Resolution 2444 (XXIII) affirms, in paragraph 1, the resolution on the protection of civilian populations against the dangers of indiscriminate warfare, which was adopted by the international Conference of the Red Cross in Vienna in 1965. However, of the four principles of international law laid down in the Red Cross resolution, only three are expressly repeated in the UN resolution.

D. Schindler and J. Toman, The Laws of Armed Conflicts, Martinus Nijhoff Publishers, 1988, pp.263-264.
United Nations General Assembly

24.09.1968 - 21.12.1968, New-York


United Nations

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UN, A / RES / 2444(XXIII)

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