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Reservation made on accession:

The said protocol is only binding on Israel as regards the States which have signed and ratified it or which may accede to it.
The said Protocol shall ipso facto cease to be binding on the State of Israel in regard to any enemy State whose armed forces or the armed forces of its allies or the regular or irregular forces or the groups or individuals operating from its territory fail to respect the prohibitions which are the object of this Protocol.


Israel addressed the following note to the depositary on 25 January 1972, concerning the reservations of Kuwait and the Libyan Arab Republic:

The Government of Israel has taken note of the political nature of the declaration made in the first sentence of the reservations formulated by the State of Kuwait and the Libyan Arab Republic. The Government of Israel feels that this Protocol cannot be used as a vehicle for political declarations of this nature. To the extent that the above-mentioned reservations are intended to rule out the Protocol's applicability to a conflict with the State of Israel, Article 19 of the 1969 Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties applies as it stipulates that reservations are unacceptable if they are incompatible with the object and purpose of the treaty in connection with which they are formulated. The above-mentioned declarations therefore in no way affect the obligations by which the State of Kuwait and the Libyan Arab Republic are already bound under general international law. As regards the substance of the Protocol's provisions, the Government of Israel will be guided vis-à-vis the State of Kuwait and the Libyan Arab Republic by the principles enunciated in the reservation which accompanied the State of Israel's instrument of accession, done on 22 January 1969 in Jerusalem and deposited with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of France on 20 February 1969.

As the depositary of the above-mentioned Protocol, the French government is asked kindly to take the measures required in the event of an objection to a reservation.

SOURCE: Note of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Israel to the depositary (Original french; translated by the ICRC)