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Declaration made on signature:

"As, however,...ratification will take some time, owing to the federal character of the Federal Republic of Germany... in accordance with Article 18(3) of the above-mentioned Convention,...the Federal Republic of Germany accepts and applies the provisions of the said Convention...accordingly, under the above-mentioned Article 18(3), all other Parties to the said Convention are thereby bound in relation to the Federal Republic of Germany." (See letter ODG/SJ/2/467 of 2 May 1962.)

SOURCE: UNESCO's standard-setting instrument, IV.A.3.Ratif.


In a letter dated 26 September 1967, the government of the Federal Republic of Germany declared that the Convention and the Protocol would also apply to the Land of Berlin with effect from the date on which they would enter into force for the Federal Republic of Germany. This notification elicited notes from the following States: the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (16 October 1967), the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic (23 October 1967), the Belorussian Soviet Socialist Republic (31 October 1967), Poland (27 December 1967), Romania (29 December 1967) and Bulgaria (27 May 1969).