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Reservation made at signature and maintained at ratification:

Under the reservation formulated as to Article 44 of the Regulations annexed to the present Convention and contained in the minutes of the fourth plenary session of August 17, 1907.

Extract from the procès-verbal : "The delegation of Russia has the honour to declare that having accepted the new Article 22a [which became Article 23, paragraph 2], proposed by the delegation of Germany, in the place of Article 44 of the existing Regulations of 1899, it makes reservations on the subject of the new wording of the said Article 44a" (Statement of Mr. Martens, Actes et documents de La Deuxième Conférence internationale de la Paix, 1907, vol.I, p.86).

SOURCE : J.B.Scott, The Hague Conventions and Declarations of 1899 and 1907, New York, 1915, p.132.