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Declaration made at the time of accession.

"In acceding to Protocol I of 1977, additional to the Geneva Conventions of 12 August 1949, the People's Republic of Angola declares that, pending the entry into force of the International Convention on Mercenarism which is at present being drafted by the United Nations, and until such time as the State of Angola becomes a party to that Convention, the People's Republic of Angola will consider the following to be committing the crime of mercenarism:

A) those who recruit, organise, finance, equip or train mercenaries or employ them in any other way;

B) those who, in the territory under jurisdiction or in any other place under their control, allow the performance of any of the acts referred to in the previous paragraph or afford facilities for the transit or transport of mercenaries;

C) any alien who, on Angolan territory, commits any of the acts mentioned above against another country;

D) any Angolan national who, with a view to subverting the sovereignty or the territorial integrity of a foreign country or to opposing the self-determination of a people, commits any of the acts referred to in the preceding articles."

SOURCE: Notification by the depositary addressed to the ICRC on 27 September 1984 (Original Portuguese).