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Declaration made on 18 november 2010 (Original: English)

"The Government of the Republic of Guyana hereby declares that under the Defence Act 15:01 Section 18(2), as amended, the age of recruitment into the national armed forces is eighteen years.
Eighteen years is the age of adulthood under the laws of Guyana.

Recruitment is permitted between the ages of 16 and 18 years but must be with the consent of the parent or legal guardian.

Guyana does not practice conscription or any other form of forced or obligatory military service.

The Government of Guyana has adopted the following safeguards to ensure that recruitment is not forced or coerced:

(i) Recruitment is carried out by public advertisement and an open entrance examination;
(ii) Selection of Recruits is done by a Recruitment Board comprising Defence Force members and Government representatives;
(iii) Persons are not recruited without the reliable proof of age;
(iv) Before recruitment, persons are fully briefed on the duties and responsibilities involved in military service;
(v) Persons recruited have the option of withdrawing from military service after three years or before if the circumstances are extenuating;
(vi) Persons recruited undergo a full and rigorous medical examination."