Treaties, States Parties and Commentaries
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Declaration in respect of article 1:
[Same declaration, mutatis mutandis, as the one made by Ireland.]
Declaration in respect of article 2:

"Under article 2 of the amended Protocol II, in order to fully address the humanitarian concerns raised by anti-personnel land-mines, the Italian Parliament has enacted and brought into force a legislation containing a far more stringent definition of those devices. In this regard, while reaffirming its commitment to promote the further development of international humanitarian law, the Italian Government confirms its understanding that the word `primarily' is included in article 2, paragraph 3 of the amended Protocol II to clarify that mines designed to be detonated by the presence, proximity or contact of a vehicle as opposed to a person, that are equipped with anti-handling devices, are not considered anti-personnel mines as a result of being so equipped."

Declaration in respect of article 5, paragraph 2 (b):

"Under article 5 of the amended Protocol II, it is the understanding of the Italian Government that article 5 (paragraph 2 b) does not preclude agreement in connection with peace treaties and related agreements among concerned states to allocate responsibilities under this paragraph in another manner which reflects the spirit and purpose of the article."