Treaties, States Parties and Commentaries
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Declaration under article 3 (2) made upon accession (Translation) (Original: French):

The Government of the Republic of Guinea declares that the Republic of Guinea has adopted Act 001/CNT/2012 of 17 January 2012 on the general situation of members of the armed forces. Chapter I on recruitment states:

‘Article 39: Any citizen of Guinean nationality between the ages of 18 and 28 may be recruited to the Guinean armed forces.

Article 40: Recruits must have Guinean nationality, be in possession of their civic rights, have the physical and intellectual capacities required for their duties and be able to read and write.

Article 41: Recruitment to the army shall be by voluntary enlistment. However, in the event of a serious threat to the integrity of the national territory, the army may as an exceptional measure proceed with general mobilization. The arrangements for such mobilization shall be established by decree of the President of the Republic.

Article 42: Recruitment to the Guinean army shall take place each year, in the light of the staffing needs of the armies and units and on the basis of budget forecasts.

For the recruitment of specialists, the Chiefs of Staff and units shall be allowed to select their recruits, who shall be made available to the National Recruitment Board.

Article 43: All recruits shall be hired for an initial two-year contract and sent to infantry training centres for nine months’ joint basic training before joining the various armies and units.

Article 44: Six (6) months before the expiration of the initial contract, each recruit shall appear before the Review Board, which shall decide whether the recruit’s application to enlist is to be accepted. The accepted candidates shall appear before the National Recruitment Board for registration. Arrangements for recruitment to the ranks of career officers and non-commissioned officers shall be specified in the Special Statute.’

On behalf of the Government of the Republic of Guinea, I declare that the above provisions concerning the minimum age for voluntary enlistment in the Guinean armed forces shall be scrupulously and strictly observed.