Treaties, States Parties and Commentaries
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Reservation and declaration made upon accession:

Concerning Article 118 of the Convention relative to the treatment of prisoners of war:

"The Republic of Korea interprets the provisions of Article 118, paragraph 1, as not binding upon a Power detaining prisoners of war to forcibly repatriate its prisoners against their openly and freely expressed will"

Concerning Article 68 of the Convention relative to the protection of civilian persons in time of war:

"The Republic of Korea reserves the right to impose the death penalty in accordance with the provisions of Article 68, paragraph 2, without regard to whether the offences referred to therein are punishable by death under the law of the occupied territory at the time the occupation begins"

"Furthermore, the Government of the Republic of Korea do hereby declare that it is the only lawful Government in Korea, as set forth in General Assembly Resolution 195 (III) of 12 December 1948, and its accession shall not be construed as recognizing any Contracting Party thereto which the Republic of Korea has not hitherto recognized"

SOURCE: UNTS, Vol.575, 1966, p.285-287