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Commentary of 1958 
I. Internment card
[p.646] ANNEX III


I. ' Internment Card '

The model internment card is provided under the terms of Article 106 of the Convention, and corresponds to the capture cards of prisoners of war.
It must therefore be forwarded without delay, since its primary purpose is to inform his family of the address and state of health of the internee. The test of Article 106 shows clearly that the model internment card is given only by way of a suggestion; it is based on the experience of the International Committee of the Red Cross and of the use of prisoner-of-war capture cards.
On the model internment card will be found notes stating
(1) that this card is not the same as the special card which each internee is allowed to send to his relatives,
(2) that the card is to be used to notify any change of address of the internee.
It is these points which make it necessary to forward the document without delay.