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Commentary of 2016 
Chapter V : Buildings and material
2320  The rules governing the protection of fixed and mobile medical units of the armed forces are contained in Chapter III of the First Convention.[1] They may in no circumstances be attacked, but must at all times be respected and protected by the Parties to the conflict. Article 19 specifically provides that, should such units or establishments fall into the hands of the adverse Party, their personnel must be free to pursue their duties, as long as the capturing Power has not itself ensured the necessary care of the wounded and sick they contain.
2321  Chapter V complements Chapter III and contains the rules detailing the fate of buildings and material of medical units of the armed forces and aid societies after they fall into enemy hands.
2322  Article 33 deals with this question in relation to the material of mobile medical units of the armed forces and to the buildings, material and stores of fixed medical establishments of the armed forces. This article does not regulate medical vehicles of the armed forces, which are covered by Article 35.
2323  Article 34 deals with the same question in relation to the buildings and material of aid societies which are admitted to the privileges of the Convention; in this case, the medical transports used by such societies are also covered.
2324  The personal property of medical and religious personnel of the armed forces, as well as of the medical personnel of neutral countries, who fall into enemy hands is dealt with in Articles 30(3) and 32(4).

1 - See, in particular, Articles 19, 21 and 22.