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Commentary of 2016 
Chapter VIII : Execution of the Convention
2696  The articles grouped under Chapter VIII reaffirm the duty of High Contracting Parties under Article 1 to respect and to ensure respect for the Convention, in particular by prescribing certain measures to be taken for the Convention’s effective implementation.
2697  Article 45 obligates Parties to a conflict, acting through their commanders-in-chief, to ensure the detailed execution of the Convention and to provide for unforeseen cases, in conformity with the Convention’s general principles. The same obligation is contained in Article 46 of the Second Convention.
2698  Article 46 underlines that reprisals against the wounded, sick, personnel, buildings or equipment protected by the Convention are prohibited. The other Conventions similarly prohibit reprisals against persons and objects protected under the relevant Convention.[1]
2699  Article 47 contains the obligation of High Contracting Parties to disseminate the Convention, in peacetime and during armed conflict, as widely as possible in their respective countries and, in particular, to include its study in military and, if possible, civilian instruction programmes. This provision is common to the Conventions.[2]
2700  Article 48 obligates High Contracting Parties to communicate to one another official translations of the Conventions and of the laws and regulations adopted to ensure their application. This provision is common to the Conventions.[3]
2701  An identical section is contained in the Second Convention, as are similar sections in the Third and Fourth Conventions and Additional Protocol I.[4]

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