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Commentary of 1952 
[p.271] CHAPTER V


There was no need to make provision in Chapter V for the respect and protection of medical units and establishments, as this had already been done in Chapter III. Moreover, Article 19 states specifically that should such units and establishments fall into the hands of the adverse Party, they may continue to function (1) as long as the capturing Power has not itself ensured the necessary care for the wounded and sick contained in them.
It remained to decide what should be done with buildings and material after capture. (2) Article 33 deals with the question as far as medical establishments and material of the armed forces -- in other words, those belonging to the Medical Service -- are concerned, except as regards vehicles, which come under Article 35 in the following Chapter.
Article 34 deals with the question as far as the buildings and material of Red Cross Societies and other recognized relief societies are concerned; in this case, the vehicles used by such societies are also covered.
The personal property of medical personnel is dealt with in Articles 30, paragraph 3 , and 32, paragraph 4 , on which we have commented above. (3)

* (1) [(1) p.271] The French text of Article 19 reads: "ils
pourront continuer a# fonctionner" (they may continue to
function); the corresponding passage in the English text
reads: "their personnel shall be free to pursue their
duties." -- TRANSLATOR;

(2) [(2) p.271] The present Chapter does not, of course, cover
civilian hospitals and charitable establishments.
Provision in regard to them is made in the Fourth Geneva
Convention of 1949 and in the Regulations annexed to the
Fourth Hague Convention of 1907;

(3) [(3) p.271] See above, pages 263 and 269;