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Commentary of 1987 
[p.927] Part V, Section I -- General Provisions


3282 This Section, which is based on the duty of Contracting Parties to respect and to ensure respect for the Conventions and the Protocol, confirms the obligation to take all measures necessary for implementing these instruments.

3283 This is supplemented by a list of particular measures for execution:

-- making available legal advisers;
-- dissemination of humanitarian law;
-- the adoption and the reciprocal communication of translations and necessary laws and regulations.

3284 One article affirms the importance of the activities of the Red Cross and other humanitarian organizations and requires that all such organizations be granted facilities.

3285 This Section adds to the corresponding provisions of the Conventions and in some cases merely reiterates provisions thereof for the purposes of the Protocol. It is also closely related to some of the articles of Part I, also entitled ' General provisions. '

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