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Commentary of 1987 
[p.925] Part V -- Execution of the Conventions and of this Protocol


3279 This Part reaffirms and develops the corresponding provisions of the Conventions, clarifying the duty to respect and to ensure respect for the Conventions and the Protocol.

3280 Section I ' (General provisions), ' closely related to Part I, which has the same title, is mainly concerned with preparatory and preventive measures. It contains one general article and some special provisions which either add to the relevant articles of the Conventions or reiterate provisions thereof for the purposes of the Protocol, as the case may be.

3281 Section II ' (Repression of breaches of the Conventions and of this Protocol) ' is basically concerned with repression of breaches. However, it also deals with prevention of breaches and with the responsibility of States. It should be noted with regard to the Commission set up in accordance with Article 90 ' (International Fact-Finding Commission) ' that States may at any time make an a priori declaration on recognition of the competence of that Commission.

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