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Commentary of 1958 

This Article is designed to make easier the carrying out of the distribution plans drawn up by the Internee Committees and mentioned in Article 2 . Since the supply of the place of internment with food is normally arranged by the Detaining Power, it is reasonable that when large consignments of relief arrive the Internee Committee should lay down stocks against a future shortage. The warehouses, however, should not contain anything other than goods received as collective relief and every guarantee must be given to the Detaining Power that these premises shall not be used for illegal purposes, such as the storage of arms or escape equipment. It is important also that the goods placed in warehouses should not be misappropriated and the Detaining Power must not be itself allowed to use them for its own needs. It is for that reason that the double-lock system was conceived. Thus the warehouse may only be opened when a representative of the Detaining Power and a representative of the Internee Committee are both present. Each of these delegates will
be able, therefore, to check on the state of the provisions from the point of view which concerns him.