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Commentary of 1960 
[p.299] SECTION IV


The provisions relating to the financial resources of prisoners of war were contained in Articles 6 , 22 , 23 , 24 and 34 of the 1929 Convention.
In accordance with the principles already set forth in the Hague Regulations of 1907 (Article 4, paragraph 3 ; Article 6, paragraphs 3-6 ; Article 17 ), those provisions specified that the personal belongings of prisoners of war remain their property, that officer prisoners of war must receive their pay from the Detaining Power, and that prisoners of war who work must receive working pay.
During the Second World War, however, certain shortcomings and even contradictions in the 1929 text became apparent. The drafters of the new Convention tried to remedy these defects.
The Conference of Government Experts agreed that all provisions relating to financial matters should be assembled in a single section of the Convention. A special Sub-Committee was appointed to study these problems in the light of the following three principles drawn up by participants in the Conference:

1. The amounts paid out to prisoners of war by the Detaining Power shall
be limited so that a maximum sum may be available for the next of kin
of prisoners of war.

2. The amounts paid shall be determined by rank or status.

3. Credit balances shall be made easily transferable to the next of kin
of prisoners of war (1).

* (1) [(1) p.299] See ' Report on the Work of the Conference of
Government Experts, ' p. 157;