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Commentary of 1960 

This provision is an expanded version of Article 15 of the 1929 Convention. Emphasis should be laid on regular checking of the weight of prisoners of war, for this is the quickest and easiest way of seeing whether or not the general state of health is satisfactory. The most appropriate method for detecting infectious diseases is the establishment of mobile units, similar to those set up for tuberculosis during the Second World War (1).
The wording of the last sentence of this Article indicates the most up-to-date methods and leaves the way open for even more efficient techniques which may develop.
These inspections also cover the general state of cleanliness and provide an opportunity to check the general standards of hygiene in the camp required by Article 29 above. They are distinct from the examinations made pursuant to Article 112 by Mixed Medical Commissions, which have to take decisions regarding the repatriation or [p.215] accommodation of wounded and sick prisoners of war, but they will enable lists of prisoners of war to be drawn up for submission to the Commissions (Article 113 ).

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