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Commentary of 1960 

It is now laid down that the Geneva Convention of 1949 is to be registered with the Secretariat of the United Nations, just as it was provided previously that the 1929 Convention was to be deposited in the archives of the League of Nations. States Members of the United Nations are, indeed, obliged to have the international treaties which they conclude registered (1), and there is always the possibility that a dispute regarding the application or interpretation of the Convention may be brought before the International Court of justice, as a resolution of the 1949 Diplomatic Conference in fact recommends (2). Registration with the United Nations also helps to make treaties more widely known.
It is naturally the Swiss Federal Council which has to arrange for registration of the Convention with the Secretariat of the United Nations, just as it has to inform the Secretariat of any ratifications, accessions and denunciations which it receives.

* (1) [(2) p.283] See Article 18 of the Covenant of the League
of Nations and Article 102 of the United Nations Charter;

(2) [(3) p.283] See Resolution 1, p. 285 below;