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Precautions to be taken in planning attacks
Precautions to be taken in planning attacks

Art. 8. The person responsible for ordering or launching an attack shall, first of all:
(a) make sure that the objective, or objectives, to be attacked are military objectives within the meaning of the present rules, and are duly identified.
When the military advantage to be gained leaves the choice open between several objectives, he is required to select the one, an attack on which involves least danger for the civilian population:
(b) take into account the loss and destruction which the attack, even if carried out with the precautions prescribed under Article 9, is liable to inflict upon the civilian population.
He is required to refrain from the attack if, after due consideration, it is apparent that the loss and destruction would be disproportionate to the military advantage anticipated:
(c) whenever the circumstances allow, warn the civilian population in jeopardy, to enable it to take shelter.

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