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Chapter V : Medical transport - Art. 17.
Art. 17. Vehicles equipped for the evacuation of wounded and sick, proceeding singly or in convoy, shall be treated as mobile medical formations, subject to the following special provisions:
A belligerent intercepting vehicles of medical transport, singly or in convoy, may, if military exigencies demand, stop them, and break up the convoy, provided he takes charge in every case of the wounded and sick who are in it. He can only use the vehicles in the sector where they have been intercepted, and exclusively for medical requirements. These vehicles, as soon as they are no longer required for local use, shall be given up in accordance with the conditions laid down in Article 14.
The military personnel in charge of the transport and furnished for this purpose with authority in due form, shall be sent back in accordance with the conditions prescribed in Article 12 for medical personnel, subject to the condition of the last paragraph of Article 18.
All means of transport specially organized for evacuation and the material used in equipping these means of transport belonging to the medical service shall be restored in accordance with the provisions of Chapter IV.
Military means of transport other than those of the medical service may be captured, with their teams.
The civilian personnel and all means of transport obtained by requisition shall be subject to the general rules of international law.

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