Treaties, States Parties and Commentaries
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Section VIII : On the formalities of seizure and on prize procedure - Art. 100.
Art. 100. Formalities of seizure. When, after the search has been conducted, the vessel is considered subject to capture, the officer who seizes the ship must:
(1) Seal all the ship's papers after having inventoried them;
(2) Draw up a report of the seizure, as well as a short inventory of the vessel stating its condition;
(3) State the condition of the cargo which he has inventoried, then close the hatchways of the hold, the chests and the store-room and, as far as circumstances will permit, seal them;
(4) Draw up a list of the persons found on board;
(5) Put on board the seized vessel a crew sufficient to retain possession of it, maintain order upon it, and conduct it to such port as he may see fit.
If he thinks fit, the captain may, instead of sending a crew aboard a vessel, confine himself to escorting it.

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