Treaties, States Parties and Commentaries
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Part I : General provisions - Art. 3.
Art. 3. The judgments of national prize courts may be brought before the International Prize Court --
1. When the judgment of the national prize courts affects the property of a neutral Power or individual;
2. When the judgment affects enemy property and relates to --
(a) Cargo on board a neutral ship;
(b) An enemy ship captured in the territorial waters of a neutral Power, when that Power has not made the capture the subject of a diplomatic claim;
(c) A claim based upon the allegation that the seizure has been effected in violation, either of the provisions of a Convention in force between the belligerent Powers, or of an enactment issued by the belligerent captors.
The appeal against the judgment of the national court can be based on the ground that the judgment was wrong either in fact or in law.

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