Treaties, States Parties and Commentaries
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Declaration made upon ratification (Original: English)

“(A) The minimum age at which Nigeria permits voluntary recruitment into her National Armed Forces is eighteen years of age;

(B) The Federal Republic of Nigeria has established safeguards to ensure that such recruitment is not forced or coerced, including a requirement in Part III, Section 34(1) of the Child’s Rights Act, 2003, which stipulates that no child shall be recruited into any of the branches of the Armed Forces of the Federal Republic of Nigeria;

(C) Part III, Section 34(2) of the Child’s Rights Act, 2003 states that the Government or any other relevant agency or body shall ensure that no child is directly involved in any military operation
or hostilities;

(D) Part XXIV 277 of the Child’s Rights Act, 2003 states that a child is a person under the age of eighteen years.”