National Implementation of IHL
Law No. 98-467 of 17 June 1998 on the application of the Convention of 13 January 1993 on the prohibition of the development, production, stockpiling and use of chemical weapons and on their destruction
Loi no 98-467 du 17 juin 1998 relative à l'application de la Convention du 13 janvier 1993 sur l'interdiction de la mise au point, de la fabrication, du stockage et de l'emploi des armes chimiques et sur leur destruction (1)

Abrogated by:  Ordonnance n°2004-1374 du 20 décembre 2004, JORF 21 décembre 2004
Journal Officiel, No. 139 of 18 June 1998, p. 9247;  (last accessed on 02.05.2013)

This law addresses a series of issues linked to the implementation of the 1993 UN Convention on Chemical Weapons. In application of this convention, it prohibits a wide range of acts with regard to chemical weapons and chemical weapons production facilities. It regulates the destruction of such weapons and facilities, and lays down detailed rules to ensure control over specific chemicals. It establishes a framework for the work of international verification missions, including rules on national escort teams, and provides for the possibility of national investigations. The law contains a catalogue of administrative and penal sanctions relating to prohibited acts. It also inserts into the Penal Code a paragraph to the effect that some of these prohibited acts are also included, under certain circumstances, on the list of acts amounting to acts of terrorism (Art. 421-1 of the Penal Code ).

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