National Implementation of IHL
Decree establishing a National Committee for the implementation of the Ottawa Convention, 1999
Arrêté primatoral n° 5403 du 5 août 1999 portant création de la Commission nationale chargée de la mise en œuvre, au plan national, de la Convention sur l’interdiction, l’emploi, le stockage, la production et le transfert des mines antipersonnel et sur leur destruction signée le 5 décembre 1997 à Ottawa

Official Journal No. 5881 of 11 September 1999,  (last accessed on 17.06.2013)

The National Committee for the Implementation of the 1997 Ottawa Convention on landmines is composed of representatives of the Presidency of the Republic, the National Assembly, the Senate, the Prime Minister's office and several ministries. It is responsible for drawing up and presenting reports and information required under the Convention and by meetings of the States parties, making proposals on a policy to facilitate the social reintegration of landmine victims, and ensuring cooperation in these areas with Senegal's partners in development activities.

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