National Implementation of IHL
Act for the elimination of cluster munitions, 2010
Loi n° 2010-819 du 20 juillet 2010 tendant à l'élimination des armes à sous-munitions (1)

JORF n°0166 du 21 juillet 2010, page 13425, texte n° 1, (last accessed on 02.05.2013)

On 21 July 2010, Law No. 2010-819 of 20 July 2010 on the elimination of cluster munitions entered into force.1 The law implements the Convention on Cluster Munitions of 30 May 2008 by incorporating into French legislation the prohibition on the development, manufacture, production, acquisition, stockpiling, conservation, supply, sale, import, export, trade, brokering, transfer, and use of cluster munitions and the bomblets that are specifically designed to be dispersed or released from dispensers affixed to aircraft. Any person may still, however, participate in a defence or security operation, or in a multinational military operation, or within an international organization, with states not parties to the convention that might be engaged in activities prohibited by the convention. The law also provides that cluster munitions should be destroyed not later than eight years from entry into force of the Convention. A person guilty of offences under this law may be punished by imprisonment of ten years and fined.

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