National Implementation of IHL
Law relating to the use and to the protection of the Red Cross and Red Crescent emblem, 2005
Loi N°18/2005 loi relative à l'utilisation et à la protection de l'emblème de la Croix Rouge et du Croissant Rouge

National Assembly, Xth Legislature

On 27 July 2005, Senegal Parliament adopted a law on the protection of the Red Cross and Red emblems. Article 2 of the Law provides for regulations on both the protective and indicative use of these emblems. According to Article 8 Senegalese State is in charge of monitoring and supervising the lawful use of the Emblems. Penalties for their misuse are provided by Articles 8 to 12.

Related laws and/or case-law: Penal Code, 1965 (as of 1999)

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