National Implementation of IHL
Decree Law No. 44 of 2018 on International Crimes, Bahrain
المرسوم بقانون رقم 44 لسنة 2018 بشأن الجرائم الدولية

Official Gazette, Issue: 3387, p. 6 (25.09.2019); (accessed 27 October 2019)

The Law establishes national jurisdiction over four categories of international crimes, which are defined according to the following structure: Chapter 1: General Provisions; Chapter 2: Criminal Liability; Chapter 3: Genocide and Crimes against Humanity; Chapter 4: War Crimes (War Crimes Consisting in the Use of Prohibited Methods and Means of Warfare, War Crimes against Persons, War Crimes against Property and Other Rights, War Crimes against Humanitarian Missions and Distinctive Emblems); Chapter 5: Crimes of Aggression.

The Law is a legislative adaptation between relevant IHL-related international conventions and national laws. It helps equip national federal courts with the necessary jurisdiction to prosecute war crimes at a regional level. It includes punishments imposed on crimes against humanity, war crimes, attacks against civilians and civil and religious buildings, taking of hostages, torture and recruiting children under age, among others.

Keywords: genocide, war crimes, crimes against humanity, crime of aggression, international crimes
NOTE: Date of adoption unknown, date of promulgation used instead.

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