National Implementation of IHL
Law of cooperation with the International Criminal Court, 2002
Loi n° 2002-268 du 26 février 2002 relative à la coopération avec la Cour pénale internationale

Journal officiel de la République française, 27 February 2002, pp. 3684-3687, (last accessed on 02.05.2013)

This law spells out the conditions for French cooperation with the International Criminal Court. It regulates judicial cooperation and lays down rules for the arrest and transfer of persons, as well as for the enforcement of sentences or compensation measures pronounced by the International Criminal Court. It achieves this by amending certain provisions of the Code of penal procedure and, in particular, by adding a series of new provisions to the code.

The Law also adds a chapter to Law No. 95-1 of 2 January 1995 adapting French legislation to the provisions of United Nations Security Council resolution 827 establishing an international criminal tribunal to prosecute persons responsible for serious violations of international humanitarian law committed in the territory of the former Yugoslavia since 1991. The new chapter refers to the new provisions on enforcement of prison sentences added to the Code of penal procedure, which then also apply mutatis mutandis.

La France a partiellement modifié son Code de procédure pénale, par l'insertion d'un Titre 1er "De la coopération avec la Cour pénale internationale". (Articles 627 à 627-20).

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