National Implementation of IHL
Decree on the Creation of the National Anti-Mines' Action Centre of Senegal, 2006
Senegal décret n° 2006-784 portant création du Centre national d'Action antimines au Sénégal (CNAMS)

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The decree creates and defines the mandate and responsibilities of the National Anti-Mine Action Centre. The Centre shall be responsible for the concrete implementation of the national strategy for antipersonnel mine action in Senegal as defined by the National Commission on the Ottawa Convention. The decree defines the Centre's composition, as well as the functions of some of its organs, including the Cabinet entrusted with advising and assisting the Director on the strategic actions and options available for carrying out the de-mining programme, the quality-assurance service responsible for supervising management practices and operational procedures in mine victims' assistance, and the administrative, financial and logistical division. The Centre shall act as the Secretariat of the national Commission and submit to the latter an annual report on the implementation of the Convention.

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