National Implementation of IHL
Military Criminal Code of Peace, 1996
Codice Penale Militare di Pace, 1996

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On 6 December 1996, the Military Criminal Code of Peace was enacted. This law provides for military offences, some of which are applicable in times of peace and war.

The first book defines the scope of the law, the sentences and the circumstances of the offence. It sets out the personal (military personnel) and geographical scope (criminal offences committed in Italy and abroad) of the law as well as the situations to which it applies (predominantly peace but also war if the military criminal code of war does not provide otherwise).

The second book lists the various military offences, including offences against the State, spying, breaches of commanders’ general duties (including hostile acts against a foreign State without orders), desertion, failure to report for duty, destruction of military goods, breaches of military discipline…

The third book deals with procedural matters.

Keywords: Military justice, criminal code, repression.

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