National Implementation of IHL
Law No. 496 on the implementation of the Convention on the Prohibition of the Development, Production, Stockpiling and Use of Chemical Weapons and on Their Destruction, 1995 (as of 1997)
Legge 18 Novembre 1995, n. 496(come modificata dalla Legge 4 aprile 1997, n. 93), Ratifica ed esecuzione della convenzione sulla proibizione dello sviluppo, produzione, immagazzinaggio ed uso di armi chimiche e sulla loro distruzione, con annessi, fatta a Parigi il 13 gennaio 1993.  

Law No. 93 of 4 April 1997 implementing and amending Law No. 496
Gazzetta Ufficiale.  (last accessed on 10.06.2013)

This law addresses a series of issues linked to the implementation of the 1993 United Nations Convention on Chemical Weapons. In application of this convention, it prohibits a broad range of acts involving the use and/or production of chemical weapons and facilities. It regulates the destruction of such weapons and facilities, and lays down detailed rules to ensure control over specific chemicals. It establishes a framework of verification missions and provides for the possibility of national investigations. The law also contains a catalogue of administrative and criminal sanctions applicable to prohibited acts.

It has been amended and implemented by Law No. 93 of 4 April 1997_This Law provides for amendments and implementing measures of Law No. 496 of 1995. It explains how the Ministry of Foreign Affairs shall perform its tasks as the designated National Authority (in the sense of Article VII, paragraph 4 of the Convention on Chemical Weapons). For the performance of the functions entrusted to the National Authority, Law No. 93 notably establishes a Directing level office at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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