National Implementation of IHL
Law on Freedom of Creation, Architecture and Heritage, 2016
Loi no 2016-925 du 7 juillet 2016 relative à la liberté de la création, à l’architecture et au patrimoine


On 8 July 2016, Law n°2016-92 on Freedom of Creation, Architecture and Heritage was enacted in France. Chapter I-Title II of this law provides for the enhancement of the protection of cultural heritage and the improvement of its promotion.

Article 56 prescribes that in cases where cultural heritage is at risk due to an armed conflict or disaster occurring in the territory of the State in whose hands it is, France, upon request of such State or when a United Nations Security Council resolution has been adopted, may provisionally offer secured premises to shelter cultural heritage while informing UNESCO in this regard.

The amendment further prescribes that while in deposit in French territory, and with the assent of the State which entrusted the movable property, an agreement can be reached to circulate cultural heritage within the framework of the organization of national or international exhibitions intended to make this endangered heritage known.

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