National Implementation of IHL
Federal law on cooperation with the International Criminal Court, 2001
Loi fédérale sur la coopération avec la Cour pénale internationale (LCPI) du 22 juin 2001

Recueil officiel des lois fédérales, No.351.6, (last accessed on 19.05.2013)

The law sets out the procedure for Switzerland’s assistance to the International Criminal Court and for enforcement in Switzerland of sentences handed down by the Court. It establishes a central service for cooperation with the Court within the Federal Office of Justice, cooperation comprising inter alia the arrest and surrender of persons and the communication of evidence to the Court. The central service is also empowered to challenge the Court’s jurisdiction and case admissibility. However, the decision to refer a situation to the Court or to waive immunity falls to the Swiss Federal Council. The law also grants judicial guarantees to any person being questioned under its provisions.

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