National Implementation of IHL
Visiting Forces Act, 1964
01.01.1964 (last accessed 05.11.2020)

On 1 January 1964, the Government of Uganda adopted the The Visiting Forces Act. The purpose of this act is to enable service courts and authorities of sending States to which visiting forces belong to, exercise jurisdiction and other powers over members of such forces. Article 3 of the Act says that the civil courts shall have the primary right to exercise jurisdiction in respect of any act or omission constituting an offence against any law in force in Uganda alleged to have been committed by a member of a visiting force. Article 4 establishes the principal of non bis in idem and precises that if a member of a visiting force has been tried by a service court of that visiting force, or a civil court in Uganda and has been convicted or acquitted, they shall not be tried again. Article 12 allows the detention in Uganda of a member of a visiting force sentenced by a service court of the sending State. Article 13 of the Act says that the provisions of the Penal Code Act relating to military training and exercises and to the carrying of offensive weapons is not applicable to a member of a visiting force acting in the course of their official duty.

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