National Implementation of IHL
Circular providing for a national information bureau relating to prisoners of war, 2010
Circulaire n°126/DEF/EMA/ESMG/JUROPS du 2 février 2010 relative au bureau national de renseignements sur les prisonniers de guerre, 2010

Bulletin Officiel des Armées, Edition Chronologique n°11 du 19 mars 2010, Partie permanente, Etat-Major des Armées (EMA), Texte n°14, NOR: DEFE1050230C.

Official Bulletin of the Armed Forces, Chronological issue no 11 of 19th March 2010, Permanent Section, Etat Major of the Armed Forces, Text no 14.

On 2 February 2010, the circular providing for a National Information Bureau relating to prisoners of war was passed. This circular provides for the role and the functioning of a National Information Bureau (NIB) on Prisoners of War set up pursuant to Article 122 of the 3rd Geneva Convention.

The circular provides details as to the role of the National Information Bureau which is triggered in the event of International Armed Conflicts in respect of Prisoners of War and of wounded, dead, shipwrecked or injured soldiers.
However article 2.3 of the circular provides that the National Information Bureau is not in charge of information related to civilians.
The circular also provides details in relation to the triple role of the National Information Bureau: gather information, register data and forward information to the central tracing agency.

Its annexes provide the various documents to be used by the National Information Bureau.

Keywords: Prisoners of war, National Information Bureaux, Central Tracing Agency.

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