National Implementation of IHL
Federal decree on the cooperation with the international tribunals in charge of prosecuting grave violations of international humanitarian law, 1995
Arrêté fédéral relatif à la coopération avec les tribunaux internationaux chargés de poursuivre les violations graves du droit international humanitaire du 21 décembre 1995

By Federal law on the cooperation with the International Criminal Court, adopted on 22 June 2001 and published on 3 July 2001.
Recueil officiel des lois fédérales, No.351.20, (last accessed on 19.05.2013)

This Decree sets forth how the national authorities cooperate with the international tribunals for the former Yugoslavia and Rwanda. The Federal Office of Police has chief responsibility. The Military Court of Cassation and the ordinary criminal courts have jurisdiction to grant deferral of proceedings.

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