National Implementation of IHL
Law amending the Criminal Procedure Code, 2007
Loi n° 2007-05 du 12 février 2007 modifiant le Code de la Procédure pénale relative à la mise en oeuvre du Traité de Rome instituant la Cour pénale internationale


On 12 February 2007, the President of Senegal promulgated the Law No. 2007-05 amending the Code of Criminal Procedure relating to the implementation of the Rome Statute instituting the International Criminal Court.
In regards to the core crimes of the Rome Statute as defined in the Criminal Code pursuant to Law No. 2007-02, Law No. 2007-05 allows for the trial of suspects based on the principle of universal jurisdiction and provides that such offences shall not be subject to any statute of limitations. The Law establishes the legal basis for compliance with requests received from the ICC for the arrest and surrender of suspects and for other assistance in criminal matters, such as the transmission of different types of evidence and information to the Court or the protection of victims and witnesses.
Finally, the Law establishes that requests for cooperation shall be received by the Ministry of Justice and executed by the General Prosecutor attached to the Court of Appeals of Dakar.

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