National Implementation of IHL
Law on extradition, 1971
Loi no 71-77 du 28 décembre 1971 relative à l'extradition

Journal officiel de la République du Sénégal, 5 février 1972, p. 176-179

This 1971 law provides the general conditions, procedure and effects of extradition when those are not provided for in specific treaties.

The following conditions of extradition are set out in the law:
- that the person to be extradited is the subject of criminal proceedings or sentence
- if the person is a foreign national, conditions as to the place of commission of the offence
- the criminal offence is of a certain level of gravity (“crime” or “délit”) and is also an offence under Senegalese law

Extradition shall be refused if
- the person subject to the request is a Senegalese national
- the criminal offences are of political nature
- the offence was committed in Senegal or subject to a final judicial decision in Senegal
- the statute of limitations applies in relation to the offence.

The law also provides for the extradition procedure to be followed.

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