National Implementation of IHL
514.51 Federal Act of 13 December 1996 on War Material (War Material Act, WMA)
Bundesgesetz über das Kriegsmaterial; Loi fédérale sur le matériel de guerre; Legge federale sul materiale bellico


Status as on 1st February 2013.

The Federal act on war material of 1996 describes the means to control the manufacture and transfer of war material and related technology (Article 1). War material is defined in Article 5 as: weapons, weapons systems, munition and military explosives or every other equipment that could be used in combat or for the conduct of combat. The act prohibits the manufacture, the trade, the import, the export, the brokerage, the acquisition, the storage and the financial may it be direct or indirect of: nuclear, biological and chemical weapons (Article 7), anti-personnel mines (Article 8) and cluster munitions (Article 8.a). An initial licence can be delivered to allow the manufacture, the export, the import of war material (Article 9) on the conditions that the applicant offers the required guarantee for the proper conduct of their business affairs, and that the activity is not contrary the national interest (Article 10). The violation of these rules is a criminal offence (Article 33 to 35).

Keywords: Nuclear weapons, Biological weapons, Chemical weapons, anti-personnel mines, cluster munitions

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