National Implementation of IHL
Law on prevention and punishment of the crime of genocide, 1967
Legge italiana 9 ottobre 1967, n.962, Prevenzione e Repressione del delitto di Genocidio

Gazzetta Ufficiale, No. 272, 30 October 1967, (last accessed on 10.06.2013)

This law implements Art. II (definition of genocide) and Art. III (levels of participation in genocide) of the Genocide Convention of 1948. It adds to the definition of genocide the crime of deporting a group of persons, and that of imposing the wearing of a distinctive sign or mark, whether or not accompanied by the intention to destroy the group in question. Concerning levels of participation, Art. 7 (Agreement to commit genocide) seems to differ from Art. III of the Genocide Convention, as it specifies that an act is punishable if it involves "several persons" acting together who have not achieved their aim. Under the Convention, on the other hand, the crimes of complicity, conspiracy and attempt to commit genocide are three separate categories of responsibility, each of which is punishable.

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