National Implementation of IHL
Military Penal Code, 1927
Code pénal militaire, 1927

The code has been amended several times. Details of amendments are available in the "Recueil systématique du droit fédéral", 321.0. The following extracts include amendments concerning the adoption of the third Additional Protocol to the Geneva Convention of 1949, provided for by Article 2 ch. 1 of "l’AF du 24 mars 2006 portant approbation et mise en oeuvre du troisième prot. add. du 8 déc. 2005 aux conv. de Genève de 1949, relatif à l’adoption d’un signe distinctif additionnel, en vigueur depuis le 1er fév. 2007 (RO 2007 185 187; FF 2006 1889)".
Recueil systématique du droit fédéral, No. 321.0, (last accessed on 19.05.2013)

Besides defining specific offences, the Swiss Military Penal Code contains a generic clause referring to international treaties and the laws and customs of war. It provides for the application of the principle of universal jurisdiction and covers violations committed in international and non-international armed conflicts.

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